Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This old thing???!!!

This old thing has seen it's last day... er, year..? So I have begun a new and improved (and super cute!) blog!! :)

I have promised myself I will try to post often. I am going to try once a week and see how it goes since we all know I shouldn't push myself. haha
I mean really, the last post on this was literally a YEAR ago! So I'm going easy on myself and not making any outrageous goals :) Enjoy the new cuteness!!

oh, you want the address you say?? well ok :)

Now enjoy!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I need to VENT about the ridiculous day I had yesterday...

First, I left work early because there was nothing to do, and normally I would be ecstatic to leave, but rent is due today... So I was pretty unhappy about leaving with only $12 dollars in my pocket after 2 1/2 hours.

Second, I went to get gas and locked myself out of my car with the keys and my PHONE staring at me from the driver's seat. Luckily, Drew Lanham was there and let me use his cell phone to call my dad to go to Hobby Lobby to get the keys from Bryce and bring them to me..... 45 minutes later!!! It was Fuh-REEZING outside and I was ridiculously too prideful to accept Drew's gracious offer of letting me have his coat. So, there i stood frozen, receiving dirty looks from people who wanted my gas pump... stupid old ladies.

THIRD! (And this is the cause of the RIDICULOUS anger i have pent up in me....) Our apartment complex is trying to tell me we still owe them rent from November, WHICH WE DONT, and it led to 3 trips to and from the bank and the office, and angry phone calls between our bank and the office, and me turning red in the office at the bank because i wanted to shove the phone down the apartment ladies throat. ( the bank guy was FABULOUS) Turns out the bank our complex uses LOST our check and told the complex that it was because of insufficient funds (which it wasnt) so they returned it and now they want us to pay and extra $135. I wont do it I tell you!!! I now have to wait till they contact their bank and contact me back.. Ad now they wont take personal checks from us so I have to go out of my way every month to get a money order... I wanna strangle someone!

So, my day ended up being less than relaxing yesterday and to top it all off, I'm still coming to terms with the fact that my life is about to change drastically. Bryce is joining the Army and I'm very proud of him and happy for him, but I'm still anxious about all the things we're about to experience.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Livin the Life!

Well, Bryce and I have finally gotten our routines down in our new place and life went back to normal. (kinda)

Bryce was going to school at UAH but some monthly finances that we were supposed to receive never came..... so he is having to drop his classes THIS semester and ONLY this semester to get some work to help me pay the billsies. :) I really honestly don't mind being the working wife while my hubby focuses on his education, but sometimes it's hard to pay ALL the bills on a waitress's salary.

We are now in the stage of every one thinking they have a say in our lives and telling us that quiting school right now is soo crazy, when if they would actually listen in the first place they would know that it's JUST for this one semester. Bryce will be picking back up in January. He had a meeting with some high and mighty guy at UAH and they are in the process of getting this semester erased basically so that it doesn't affect his GPA and starting "repeat" classes next semester.

On an awesome note, Brycie got a JOB!! He started today at Hobby Lobby and I'm so proud of him for finally taking charge of his life. He's been kind of like a zombie for the past 5 moths trying to please everyone but himself which basically just made him depressed. It was really hard as his wife to watch him be so unhappy and know that there was nothing I could do about it. He had to realize that pleasing other people is not always the best choice for you. He's been looking at all of his options and I think he has finally realized that he actually has control of his life. Not sure what his "career choice" is going to be, but I have faith that my husband will always go to the Lord when big decisions need to be made and that's all I need.

Our marriage has gotten a lot stronger through this trial of being lost, and I'm so extremely grateful for it. We actually had a sleepover in our living room the other night. tehe... We are loving all the time we've gotten to spend together and are trying to get back in our routine of daily scripture study and prayers. My Heavenly Father definitely loves me and my family and I'm grateful for the patience he has with me. :)

So, for now, we are living the life!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Money doesn't always bring Happiness....

So brycie and I moved into our apartment about 2 weeks ago, and I LOVE it! We were able to find a two bedroom, two bath for a reasonable price so we jumped on the opportunity! I guess I had taken for granted how nice it is to not have to put all of your clothes on right after you get out of bed in the mornings.. Now I can eat breakfast in my skivies :) :)

We are definitley not rich by any means, but we are most definitely happy!!

(sorry for the short post, I just figured the more I do this, the more I can get into a routine of meaningful posts :))

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


SOOoo! Lots of things have happened in the past few months..... (be prepared fo a long picture post;))

we moved out of our house in boaz, (sad day)

welcome 2 new nephews!

sorry no pics of the other one on my camera...

Bryce worked on some landscaping

We celebrated birthdays and other happenings!

I'm not telling whose tongues are whose....

yeah thats typical me in pictures

don't be scared Jessica!

yeah....... :)

Went to idaho and Utah for family reunions, and

played NINJA! :)

(View from our cabin in the mornings)

(other side... We were ON TOP of the mountains)

Our cute cabin :)


Temple! First time I was able to be on the steps!

from on top of the Church Office building

crazy Wyoming windmills... ( i LOVE them!)

Stupid Nebraska corn that NEVER ENDS!!

more windmills...

love those mountains!

All in all, we had a fantastic summer! We are now in the process of getting an apartment which I am So INexplicably HAPPY about! :)

I am STILLLL working at OH Bryans, which i hope to change if i can ever find a job :/

Brycie is back full force in school :)

We are extremely happy and blessed :)

p.s. Now i can get back into this blog thing! Sorry for my absence!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New/Old Job??

So! I have begun a new job here in Madison. (Yes we still live in Boaz...) I guess it's kind of an old job too. I work once again at Oh! Bryan's Family Steakhouse behind Kroger, but this time instead of being just a plain hostess, I have graduated to MANAGER. I can't even tell you how anxious/nervous/scared/excited I was to start this about 2 weeks ago. My old boss had called me and heard I was wanting to come back maybe in May and asked if I could start a little earlier and manage. Bryce and I prayed about it hard because seeing as how the job is here and we live there, we would be apart ALOT. Even so, we got a pretty good feeling about it. I think the definite selling point was that not only would I have insurance, Valerie (owner) pays it for me!! That's about $250 a month that we were planning on spending in the near future so that I could actually go to the doctor/dentist and so that we could start thinking about having a family. We feel very blessed and humbled at the same time. (We were starting to be complainers about the things we didn't have.) The past two weeks have been kinda rough, but we're learning to deal with the schedule. Plus, it'll only be about another month before we move to the Huntsville area. About my job.... It's \basically the same as I was doing before, except this time I'm in charge of "the front of the the house." All the hostesses and servers are supposed to look to me for example and approval. I'm the one now who gets to deal with the UNREASONABLE customers who just want everything free, and I'm the one who gets yelled at for others mistakes. I guess it has its ups and down, but for now, its where I need to be and I'm extremely grateful for my new/old job! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Late, Late, Late

Alright already, I know it's March, but I wanted to post something about our Valentine's Day.

This is what awaited me when I got home from work. Notice the table is on the ground???

Ah, the blue kool-aid in the wine glasses, classic mormons trying to be fancy. :)

Brycie made this AMAZING, yummy, scrum-diddly-umcious cake. It had French Vanilla Pirouettes on the sides and crumbled on top and it was a yellow cake with delicious chocolate frosting.


I know, YIKES. But really, who cares? It was an awesome date night at the house.

OH!! And a big Happy 20th Birthday to my best friend Stefanie!!!
(It's actually not till tomorrow, but I wanted to be the first to let her know! hehe)