Sunday, March 1, 2009

Late, Late, Late

Alright already, I know it's March, but I wanted to post something about our Valentine's Day.

This is what awaited me when I got home from work. Notice the table is on the ground???

Ah, the blue kool-aid in the wine glasses, classic mormons trying to be fancy. :)

Brycie made this AMAZING, yummy, scrum-diddly-umcious cake. It had French Vanilla Pirouettes on the sides and crumbled on top and it was a yellow cake with delicious chocolate frosting.


I know, YIKES. But really, who cares? It was an awesome date night at the house.

OH!! And a big Happy 20th Birthday to my best friend Stefanie!!!
(It's actually not till tomorrow, but I wanted to be the first to let her know! hehe)


Stefanie H said...

awwww Thanks for the shout out at the end!! :-D HA, i love Bryce's sweet UNIQUE valentines idea :)

Anonymous said...

Ok I am late in commenting, but this looks like an awesome date! I love dates at home...of course it still means getting the kids off to bed, but they are fun times spending time together!