Saturday, January 24, 2009

Is Anyone There??

Yes! I am still here and alive! I guess I haven't updated for about 3 months now... Well let's have a quick overview then, shall we?

November- Young women and Young men activities, work, attended a baby blessing and said our goodbyes to some great friends headed for Idaho, work, Thanksgiving and lots of family get-togethers..

December- Practice, practice, and more practice for Brycie, (less time for us), work, Christmas!!, more family time! :) work, And more and more practice...

January- Wind down time, Learn Kendra is pregnant, work, PRACTICE! and crunch time for Bryce, stay with mom and dad for 4 days while Bryce competes in Orlando..

I think that about sums up the important stuff. It doesn't seem like we were very busy, but we definitely were. I mentioned that Bryce competed in Orlando, at Disney World for the cheerleading National Championships. They did pretty well! They placed 3rd in the nation and I'm very proud of him!! Here's the uplink for th video. Go down to Snead State on the right-hand side. There are two to choose from. The second one is the one they placed 3rd for.

I also got a new Camera from SANTA!! Do I have any pictures?!?! No.. haha But I promise I'll have lots of good ones! I'll post pictures of our house once i get the house clean :) Promise Stefanie! hehe

I think thats about it for now, more to come soon!

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The Case Family said...

Yeah...that was so fun to see. Thanks for sharing the clip of Bryce's competition. Love you guys!