Saturday, April 18, 2009

New/Old Job??

So! I have begun a new job here in Madison. (Yes we still live in Boaz...) I guess it's kind of an old job too. I work once again at Oh! Bryan's Family Steakhouse behind Kroger, but this time instead of being just a plain hostess, I have graduated to MANAGER. I can't even tell you how anxious/nervous/scared/excited I was to start this about 2 weeks ago. My old boss had called me and heard I was wanting to come back maybe in May and asked if I could start a little earlier and manage. Bryce and I prayed about it hard because seeing as how the job is here and we live there, we would be apart ALOT. Even so, we got a pretty good feeling about it. I think the definite selling point was that not only would I have insurance, Valerie (owner) pays it for me!! That's about $250 a month that we were planning on spending in the near future so that I could actually go to the doctor/dentist and so that we could start thinking about having a family. We feel very blessed and humbled at the same time. (We were starting to be complainers about the things we didn't have.) The past two weeks have been kinda rough, but we're learning to deal with the schedule. Plus, it'll only be about another month before we move to the Huntsville area. About my job.... It's \basically the same as I was doing before, except this time I'm in charge of "the front of the the house." All the hostesses and servers are supposed to look to me for example and approval. I'm the one now who gets to deal with the UNREASONABLE customers who just want everything free, and I'm the one who gets yelled at for others mistakes. I guess it has its ups and down, but for now, its where I need to be and I'm extremely grateful for my new/old job! :)

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you are closer! Can't wait until you live here again! Glad things are working's hard to see the blessings at times when there are rough times. I have had to recount my blessings lately as well.

We will be having Laney on Tues...keep your phone on! :)