Tuesday, September 1, 2009


SOOoo! Lots of things have happened in the past few months..... (be prepared fo a long picture post;))

we moved out of our house in boaz, (sad day)

welcome 2 new nephews!

sorry no pics of the other one on my camera...

Bryce worked on some landscaping

We celebrated birthdays and other happenings!

I'm not telling whose tongues are whose....

yeah thats typical me in pictures

don't be scared Jessica!

yeah....... :)

Went to idaho and Utah for family reunions, and

played NINJA! :)

(View from our cabin in the mornings)

(other side... We were ON TOP of the mountains)

Our cute cabin :)


Temple! First time I was able to be on the steps!

from on top of the Church Office building

crazy Wyoming windmills... ( i LOVE them!)

Stupid Nebraska corn that NEVER ENDS!!

more windmills...

love those mountains!

All in all, we had a fantastic summer! We are now in the process of getting an apartment which I am So INexplicably HAPPY about! :)

I am STILLLL working at OH Bryans, which i hope to change if i can ever find a job :/

Brycie is back full force in school :)

We are extremely happy and blessed :)

p.s. Now i can get back into this blog thing! Sorry for my absence!!!

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Jessica said...

glad to have you back :) Man those pics from your trip are awesome. the view from the cabin..amazing! oh thanks for having us over to your new place. It was so cute!