Monday, November 9, 2009

Livin the Life!

Well, Bryce and I have finally gotten our routines down in our new place and life went back to normal. (kinda)

Bryce was going to school at UAH but some monthly finances that we were supposed to receive never came..... so he is having to drop his classes THIS semester and ONLY this semester to get some work to help me pay the billsies. :) I really honestly don't mind being the working wife while my hubby focuses on his education, but sometimes it's hard to pay ALL the bills on a waitress's salary.

We are now in the stage of every one thinking they have a say in our lives and telling us that quiting school right now is soo crazy, when if they would actually listen in the first place they would know that it's JUST for this one semester. Bryce will be picking back up in January. He had a meeting with some high and mighty guy at UAH and they are in the process of getting this semester erased basically so that it doesn't affect his GPA and starting "repeat" classes next semester.

On an awesome note, Brycie got a JOB!! He started today at Hobby Lobby and I'm so proud of him for finally taking charge of his life. He's been kind of like a zombie for the past 5 moths trying to please everyone but himself which basically just made him depressed. It was really hard as his wife to watch him be so unhappy and know that there was nothing I could do about it. He had to realize that pleasing other people is not always the best choice for you. He's been looking at all of his options and I think he has finally realized that he actually has control of his life. Not sure what his "career choice" is going to be, but I have faith that my husband will always go to the Lord when big decisions need to be made and that's all I need.

Our marriage has gotten a lot stronger through this trial of being lost, and I'm so extremely grateful for it. We actually had a sleepover in our living room the other night. tehe... We are loving all the time we've gotten to spend together and are trying to get back in our routine of daily scripture study and prayers. My Heavenly Father definitely loves me and my family and I'm grateful for the patience he has with me. :)

So, for now, we are living the life!!

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Sharon said...

Glad he feels like he is taking control of his life. It's hard when you feel like you have to please everyone cause it makes you unhappy in the end. Glad to hear things are going well. We love y'all!