Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In the Library!

SO! I don't have any internet at the house yet and i'm so sorry to those of you who actually check my blog because all you've seen for the past two months is the same ol' thing! Bryce and I are on campus making sure all of his school stuff is ready to go for tomorrow and realized that the library has internet!!! Amazing!

Here is our update.... We are living in Boaz for real now. No more going back and forth for the heck of it cause we're bored out here. We actually have responsibilities now! Bryce was called to be the 1st Counselor in the Young Men's Presidency at church a few weeks ago and I was called to be the Secretary in the Young Women's Presidency. Bryce has already had a campout, stake meeting, BYC, and activities in 3 weeks! I've been doing the same also. The Lord really had a need for us in this Ward and we love, love, love our new callings!

As for home life, I've been trying to adjust to being the good housewife I know I can be. I am getting ready to talk to the owner of a deli to try and get a job there so as to make some moula! Bryce is having a hard time with the whole me being the breadwinner because he's too busy with school. Bless his heart, he doesn't even realize that in the long-run he IS the breadwinner! I'm happy to do my part now so he can do his part for the rest of our lives.... Murphy is finally figuring out that his real home is here in Boaz, but still loves to visit his "grandma" in Madison. He's starting to chew on our shoes too so we have to constantly look under the bed and save them!

I'm finally starting to accept that my life (at least for a year) is here and i need to make the best of it! :)


Anonymous said...

Y'all have the exact same callings that Tys and I had when we were first married! :) YAY! Glad to hear y'all are still alive! LOL Sounds like things are getting busy over there! Misha misses Murphy! We have our fence now so whenever y'all come into town we will have to have a doggy date!

The Hess' said...

Aw Young Womens calling :) Hope we both get to be leaders at camp next summer ;) ;)... I miss ya girl!!!!!

Roger & AnnaLee said...

To be young again! Enjoy these years as they will speed by quickly. How wonderful to be so busy in the church. I look back now with our 25 year anniversary coming up and am so glad I recorded in my journal my feelings of the first many years. Once you have children life gets even faster and finding time to write and etc. becomes difficult.

It was so good to see you two. Best of luck with your new callings you will both be awesome where you are!