Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl...

Well I finally got a hold of my reception pictures from my brother-in-law, and I ran across one of the most touching moments of my life.

Now, my dad and I have definitely had our rough spots in life. There was the beginning of my depression when Iwas 16 and took a bunch of pills. Then there was the time that I basically dropped out of high school because I had an anxiety WEEK an he told me I was messing up my life, except in more colorful language. Granted, my dad isn't perfect, but he had good reasoning to be so upset with me. I made some MAJOR mistakes in my teenage years and I admit it. I hurt alot of people around me and I deserved to be chastised i guess you could say. My dad seemed too harsh at the time but now I realize it as because he was scared. Scared I wouldn't come back from my mistakes and scared I would blame him for it.

All these things are still a touchy subject for my dad and me, but I know he's proud of me now. I know it because I'll never forget what he said with tears in his eyes right before this picture was taken. He told me he had never been more proud of me because I had made all the right choices he knew I could. He said I was an example to people around me and he loved me and he would never stop loving me.

I guess I'm feeling a bit of a daddy's girl today and i just wanted to share those feelings. :)


Anonymous said...

We all do things that aren't happy moments for our parents, but it's great when you can get to a point where you understand your parents point of view a bit more. AAANNNDDD it's AWESOME to have them say they are proud of you! Love you girl! Love the pic too!

Melissa said...

How Sweet. Just wait until you have your own kids...you will understand the emotions he felt for you. You are amazing and he raised you to be that way. How proud you made him! Way to go...plus you got a sweet sister in law out of it....oh, and a pretty cool husband!

The Hess' said...

Aw, Hanny! So sweet!
p.s It was so ncie having u in the ward sunday :) Wished u were there every week!