Saturday, May 31, 2008

Marriage... Highly Recommended!

So, I am a married woman. I couldn't be happier. I can't even express how good I feel every morning now that I have him to wake up next to. He is the most loving, spiritual, patient, generous, handsome man I could have asked for.

This is, of course, not the only picture. ;) This is just the only one I wanted to take time posting seeing as how I am tired and it is late. I will definitely post more when I have them all together and organized.

Ok, the honeymoon was awesome! We went to the Gatlinburg area and had a blast! We stayed in our own cabin which was very nice. (even though I was scared out of my mind due to listening to a scary book on the way up) We were able to go the the Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum and aquarium and walked around the jam-packed city of Gatlinburg Tuesday. That evening Bryce surprised me with tickets to a dinner-and-a-show type thing. It was definitely worth the $50 dollars a plate. They had live horses and tricks on horses, chicken chasing by some kids from the audience, piggy races, and dun, dun, dun.... Ostrich races! Haha it was a blast! Thursday we ventured to Dollywood, which is actually ALOT more fun than it sounds! For me, it was better than six flags. People were friendlier, prices were better, and they provided trams from every parking lot. Ah, the simple things we grown ups enjoy! We went back the next day and then we were on our way home! It wasn't a long trip, but it was an amazing one no matter what.

Now my life begins. I can't wait to see where it goes!!


The Hess' said...

Sounds like a blast :) I'm so glad ur happy!

Lacey Freeman said...

Congrats! =)

Anonymous said...

So, Mrs. Marshall would you like to come look at the many pics that I took? We still need a girls night with you, Shannon, Kendra and Grandma Kaye!!!

AnnaLee said...


Congrats on your wedding--I love seeing the pictures between you and Sharon it is so fun. I do wish we could have been there. I know Anna was disappointed that she couldn't make it to the wedding. I think she was also sad that she didn't hear about your wedding shower.

You appeared in your pictures as I have always tried to teach my children. Beautiful inside out! When you go to the temple worthy to be there--there is a beauty that shines all around that only those who get to see it know what I mean.

I wish you and your sweetheart the best. I hope you don't mind if I read your blog now and then. I hope to see you in July. Keep working towards your Celestial marriage.

The Hess' said...

update ur stinking blog, hanny!!!

Anonymous said... i ummmmm...think you need to update your blog! You know let us know how married life is treatin ya and how your cute doggy is! The kids want an update on him! :)