Sunday, November 9, 2008

The past five or so months that we've lived here I have tried and tried to stop being a nay-sayer and just accept it. I know we need to be here and that Heavenly Father led us here, but i was still unconvinced. As I was driving home Thursday morning from Madison, I payed attention to the drive and the beauty outside. It was absolutely breathtaking! As Bryce and I were driving to and from the temple on Saturday, we were able to enjoy the amazing landscape of the south. He made a comment that turned my view of living here around. He said, "Look how beautiful it is going down this side of the mountain. (Sand Mountain) If we didn't live here, you wouldn't get to see that very often." In that simple, but powerful statement I realized how grateful I am to be out here. I'm grateful to be away from our families to where we can't go running home if we get into a fight. I'm grateful that I don't have anyone to go grocery shopping with so that I can learn how to on my own. I'm grateful for the time that Bryce and I spend together because we don't have as many friends here.
These are all things I never thought I would be thankful for, but I am. :)

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The Case Family said...

Hello? Blog Much? I want to hear about your Holiday's...fill me in on the scoop of Bryce's competition. Spill it!

Oh....and I love you and Bryce.