Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today was shaping up to be a grand day, until Brycie Wycie made me almost cry in Bed Bath and Beyond. I am an emotional wreck lately. If Bryce and I were married, I would seriously think I was preggers! It's like it isn't enough that getting married is one of the most stressful/happy times in my life, now my emotions have gone HAYWIRE! It's like I have no control over them ever! I find myself burstiong out in tears in the middle of stores, at home, and sometimes in the bathroom at work.. It never ends! It's like if Bryce looks at me the wrong way i start thinking he doesn't love me and the water works start a' crankin! It's driving me insane because I know he loves me more than anything. I have the most loving man in my life. He puts up with all of this and somehow manages to put a smile on. (Most of the time because he's laughing at how ridiculous I am.) He looks past all of my shortcomings and loves me for me. He's never asked me to change who I am and I love him for it. But seriously, am I the only one who is like this? I mean I know women tend to be a bit more emotional, but there is a fine line between emotional and irrational right?


The Case Family said...

Hannah- don't worry ...Bryce is immune to emotional women after all he has 3 older sisters who can be quite emo and and Mom to boot! We have trained him for these moments in his life. You are very normal!

The Hess' said...

Nah girl u're fine. I get emotional alot too. More so since I've been married than ever before! I think that "he looked at me funny, he must not love me" thing is natural to feel haha, or at least to me it is! :-D

danakat said...

woman = emotional

bride to be = basket case

you = normal

Take it easy on yourself.
You have eternity to drive each other crazy. :)